Tricogaine-10% Topical Solution

Contains : Minoxidil 10% w/v


This Package contains:

  • One Bottle contains (60 ml fill volume) with spray applicator
  • One dropper applicator
  • Prescribing Information

Directions for Use:

  1. Screw the spray applicator and remove safety clip.
  2. Aim the pump towards the bald area.
  3. Press the pump once and spread the solution with finger tips.
  4. Repeat 5 times to apply a dose of 1ml of solution.


  1. Open the Bottle & pull out the plug.
  2. Insert the Dropper in to the bottle.
  3. Take the contains to the dropper to fill the volume up to 1ml line.
  4. Pour the content of the dropper aiming towards the center of the bald area of the scalp and spread evenly with finger tips.

Additional information


60 ml