Pilocare Tab

Biotin 10 mg,L-Cysteine 50 mg,Calcium Panto.100 mg,Selenium 65 mcg,

Copper 3 mg,Zinc 61.5 mg,Inositaol 25 mg,Mang. 2 mg,Dime.50 mg,

L-lysine 50 mg,Folic Acid 1 mg,N-Acetyl Cysteine 50 mg

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Content: Biotin 10mg+ L-Cysteine 50mg+ Calcium pantothenate 100mg+ Selenium 65 mcg+ Copper 3mg+ Zinc 61.5 mg+ Inositol 25 mg+ Manganese 2mg+ Dimethionine 50mg+ L-lysine 50mg+ Folic acid 1.5mg+ Iron 10mg+ N-Acetyl cysteine 50mg
Pack: 10x1x10 tab
Indications: Premature falling of hairs, Hair loss due to nutritional deficiency, Pregnancy induced alopecia, Premature graying of hairs, Telogen effluvium, Split ends

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10 x 1 x 10


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