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Vitamin A (palmitate) 5000 I.U. + Vitamin E 25mg + vitamin C 50mg + zinc sulphate 7.5 mg +β Carotin (30% Dispersible) + copper sulphate 1mg + manganese sulphate 1.5 mg + selenium dioxide 150 mcg


Content: Vitamin A (palmitate) 5000 I.U. + Vitamin E 25mg + vitamin C 50mg + zinc sulphate 7.5 mg +β Carotin (30% Dispersible) + copper sulphate 1mg + manganese sulphate 1.5 mg + selenium dioxide 150 mcg
Pack: 10×10 tab
Indications: Premature wrinkling of skin, acne, UV – induced radiation, radiotherapy for skin cancer.

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10 x 10

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